Gwyn Agnew

I first discovered my passion for improv comedy in my senior year of college, when Columbia College Chicago accepted me into their Comedy Studies program. I flew from my hometown of Pittsburgh to Chicago, where I reveled in an entire semester of comedy classes held at the famous Second City Theater.

A few months later, I wrapped up my Bachelor’s Degree at Allegheny College with a BA in Theater with minors in Writing and History, and moved back to Chicago where I completed the Second City’s Sketch Writing Program.

Since then, I’ve been taking on projects like:
Playing on a house ensemble at the iO Comedy Theater.
Writing and performing in a niche sketch show about Nintendo games
Voicing a character on a Dungeons & Dragons themed podcast.
Performing musical comedy with an all-women troupe.

When I’m not running around acting like a total comedy nerd, you can find me acting like a regular nerd, playing video games with my friends, and reading with my cat, Alystor. You won’t find me far from a cup of tea.