The emo beholder is an aberration and floating body with a sad mouth and a single eye in the front that’s covered in black eyeliner. The many flexible eyestalks on top of his head are difficult to find because his hair is everywhere, screaming infidelities and taking it’s wear.

Each angsty eye possess a different ability to make adventures feel as broken as a teenager. The emo beholder is still trying to find their place in life, and things like love, college, and love seem to get in the way. The emo beholder knows you well enough to know you will never love him. But don’t worry about him, it’s not like he constantly thinks about you.

In the middle of your cantrip, he’ll chime in “I JUST WANT TO BRING YOU DOWN SO BADLY!”

And just when your hands are at his throat and you think you hate him, he will build you a home with rotten wood.

Do not trust this aberration, because if you tell him you are choking he will shove dirt right down your throat.

But the truth is, if you slit him, with his last dying gasp he will apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

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