The party consults their new Tabaxi acquaintances and find themselves partaking in a much loved local event

Godsfall and The Dungeon Rats were asked to record and produce the newest adventure module from Dungeons and Dragons, Tomb of Annihilation.

This adventure was written by Christopher Perkins. As he describes it, Tomb of Annihilation is “A story about death and the lengths individuals will go to avoid it.” The cast is Patrick O’Rourke (Mildrake), Surena Marie (Anastasia), and Gwyn Agnew (Endreana). Carlos Luna and Patrick O’Rourke edited the episode and Carlos Luna composed all of the original music. The game was run by Aram Vartian.

So thanks for joining us for our inaugural adventure to the jungle island of Chult. Here’s hoping everyone—or anyone—makes it out alive.