The party leaves the relative safety of the river to travel deeper and deeper into the jungle.

Godsfall and The Dungeon Rats were asked to record and produce the newest adventure module from Dungeons and Dragons, Tomb of Annihilation.

This adventure was written by Christopher Perkins. As he describes it, Tomb of Annihilation is “A story about death and the lengths individuals will go to avoid it.” The cast is Patrick O’Rourke (Mildrake), Surena Marie (Anastasia), and Gwyn Agnew (Endreana). Carlos Luna played Xandala, Summerwise, and Flask of Wine. The episode was produced and edited by Aram Vartian.

We plan to run through the entirety of Tomb over the next few months and will be posting new episodes on the feed of Neon Rival. We will be releasing new episodes until the players banish the Death Curse of Chult, or perish trying.

So thanks for joining us for our inaugural adventure to the jungle island of Chult. Here’s hoping everyone—or anyone—makes it out alive.