Hey, people! With the Godsfall Worldbook arriving in mid-April and Season 4 at the mid-point, I wanted to lay out our podcasting and production plans for the rest of 2018.

Here is what you can expect:

Godsfall will be on a stead bi-weekly release scheduling, giving you two new episodes of our custom Dungeons and Dragons adventure every month throughout the rest of Season 4. We will also be loading Patreon-only sidequests once a month.

All 1,000 print copies of the Godsfall Worldbook will arrive in Chicago to be lovingly wrapped and shipped to our supporters across the globe (we only have a few copies left, so be sure to reserve yours today). We will also be relaunching the Godsfall Patreon with new tiers, new Patreon-exclusive sidequests, and new ways for you to interact with the Godsfall crew.


The launch of our next Kickstarter and the start of a long-arc Godsfall adventure series as the players take on the roles of young demigods looking to prove their divine worth in the world before the great Godswar.

The next taping of Godsfall in Washington, D.C. We will also be launching our first online worldbuilding workshops and one-off online adventures run by DM Aram in the world of the Five Kingdoms.

Season 4 of Godsfall culminates in a face-off with the original God of Chaos as the Worldstorm collapses for the last time. Some of the Godsfall crew will also join the cast of The Dungeon Rats for all four days of GenCon.

The launch of a new modern-day superhero actual play podcast, Eveolution Earth. The show will be set in the city of Chicago and have both video and audio elements, as well as full “news” coverage to recap each episode and set up future stories.

The launch of Godsfall Season 5 and volume 1 of the Godsfall comicbook that takes the story we have developed during the podcast an retells it as a multi-volume graphic novel.