Hey, people!

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as we possibly can this year at GenCon. To further that goal our panels and games will charge the bare minimum or be free. You all have been so supportive and generous to us and our shows over the year that we all feel GenCon is our time to give back to you.



Star Trek Adventures RPG
1 – 5pm
On the border of the neutral zone sits the Triplaxe region. An area abandoned by the Romulans after the Treaty of Algeron. Can you and your new crew mates bring stability back to the region, or is it destined to collapse? The Triplaxe region is the setting from Starfleet Engage an actual play podcast from Neon Rival. You will be in the same location, but will have a custom adventure that can only be experienced at Gencon.

Improv Workshop for Advanced Roleplaying 
7 – 8:30pm
Improv actors that trained at Second City share tips & tricks to help bring your RPG characters to life at the table. No improv training required.

The Never Escape Room Game
3 – 4:30pm
An audience participation game where we split the audience up into smaller groups and they play members trapped in a “Saw” type room. Each participant rolls to make choices to get out of that room within a certain time. They can work as a group or an individual. Certain doors will lead you to combine with other groups or will lead you astray, some will have traps (perception and insight checks are a must). If you die in game you become a lost soul that can affect the game play for living players. Can anyone escape?

The Dungeon Rats Live
7 – 9pm
The Dungeon Rats in an interactive Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Six friends play Dungeons & Dragons using suggestions & participants from the audience. We love doing live shows and are excited to bring it to GenCon this year.


Big Bad Battle Royale
1 – 4pm
Play a favorite bad guy in a battle royale-style tournament, where only 1 creature can win. Think “The Hunger Games” meets “The Monster Manual.”

Developing Long Form Narratives for RPG Podcasts
3 – 4:30pm
Come join a panel from several of the top podcasters & live streamers to discuss the methodologies used for building worlds & telling stories through podcasting & role playing games.

The Tomb of Neon
5 – 8pm
You awaken in a strange, magical tomb of puzzles & dangers, overseen by a pair of competing brother deities: the Demigod of Individuality & the Demigod of Cooperation.

Diversity in Roleplaying
12 – 1pm
Cast members from Godsfall & The Dungeon Rats will talk about why representation is so important in actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcasts.

Greetings from Godsfall
1 – 2pm
A panel with cast members from the actual play podcast Godsfall We’ll be talking about our favorite moments from the show, gossiping behind-the-scenes, and answering questions from the audience.