Aram Vartian

4. Xion Praeten

As our Dungeon Master continues to introduce our 5e Dungeons and Dragons players one by one, we meet XionPraeten, a young acolyte from the Highlands of the Kadarian Empire. ...

3. Phryane Tinueth

Our Dungeon Master Aram Vartian introduces our second 5e Dungeons and Dragons player, Kay and her character, the High-Elf Bard Phryane Tinueth. We follow Phryane as she attempts to sneak away from her betrothal ceremony in the middle of Ani’s High Harvest Festival. ...

2. Dorro Knott

Our Dungeon Master Aram Vartian introduces our first 5e Dungeons and Dragons player, Doug Horn and his character, the Halfling rogue Dorro Knott. We follow Dorro as he attempts to steal a small wooden box he spotted as it was sold on the street for a suspiciously large amount of coin....

Aram Vartian


Aram Vartian is a multimedia creator who found his way into podcasting by writing, recording and editing the D&D actual play show, Godsfall. He recently moved to Chicago where he is writing a Godsfall Worldbook while working on production for a second podcast telling fictional stories as full audio dramas, Of Now And Then.