Aram Vartian

53. The Bubbling Deep

Xion, Pera, Uragon, Torrvic and Oinkers set out into the swamps of Zadar to find out what has been taking slaves from the rice fields, and to bring back a few Seeker Stones. ...

52. Never Split The Party

Dorro, Rina, Caitlin, Queen Sirena and Joshra Omar face off against a fully empowered God of Order Cyril Avantis and his henchman (and God of Sport) Tiago Reise, while Xion, Pera and Torrvic make their way North to the slaver town of Zadar. ...

51. Run For The Money

Still separated from the others, Queen Sirena, Dorro, Caitlin and Rina decide to head back to Port Bliss and see if they can find a way to the Ironwood. ...

Aram Vartian


Aram Vartian is a multimedia creator who found his way into podcasting by writing, recording and editing the D&D actual play show, Godsfall. He recently moved to Chicago where he is writing a Godsfall Worldbook while working on production for a second podcast telling fictional stories as full audio dramas, Of Now And Then.