Aram Vartian

70. Flame and Stone

The party interrogates the God of the Astral Realm while Pera, Caitlyn, and Dorro search for the second godling that was glimpsed in Capena. Godsfall is ...

The History of Godsfall

Khalgun is a broken world. The Old Gods fought one another to mutual destruction, obliterating magic and swallowing much of the planet in a permanent Worldstor...

68. The City of Gold

Carlos Luna joins the cast playing Pera Rivers as the A-team searches the capital city of Ryzan for the arisen Godling of the Astral realm....

Aram Vartian


Aram Vartian is a multimedia creator who found his way into podcasting by writing, recording and editing the D&D actual play show, Godsfall. He recently moved to Chicago where he is writing a Godsfall Worldbook while working on production for a second podcast telling fictional stories as full audio dramas, Of Now And Then.